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We Feature South Seas, the official spray tan of "Dancing with the Stars"
Our Products Are Paraben-Free; Cruelty-Free; Gluten-Free and use Organic DHA

Travel Tanz offers high-quality, mobile spray tanning in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. Ask anyone in town — we offer the best spray tanning experience and service you’ll find anywhere in the area. Read on to learn all about the amazing tans we provide for our customers.


All-Natural Spray Tan

Formulated for the discerning client, our premium All-Natural spray tan does not contain alcohol and is best for those with dry skin.   With a 9% Organic DHA, this solution is compatible with all skin types and produces a flawless tan. It’s 98% natural, unscented and paraben-free. Takes 8 hours to fully develop.

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Spray Tans are Better!

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No Harm

Spray tanning provides a beautiful tan all year round without having to worry about the harmful effects of tanning beds and UV rays.

An Even, Streak-free Tan

Sunbathing at the beach will leave you with streaks and an uneven tan. A spray tan avoids this issue and gives you an even application over your entire body. You won't have unwanted tan lines or a patchy tan. Our certified technicians take the time to ensure our spray tan is the perfect color to complement your skin tones and is applied evenly so it looks natural.

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Long Lasting

When properly maintained, a spray tan can last up to 10 days. Whether want a healthy glow for a wedding or special occasion or just want to achieve a natural-looking tan, a spray tan is the best way to go.

See Fast Results

Getting the sun-kissed glow you want from sun exposure or a tanning bed takes time. If you haven’t been exposed to the sun or a tanning booth in a while, then it will take several hours in the sun or multiple visits to the salon before you achieve the tan you want. With a spray tan, however, you can receive the sun-kissed skin you want in one visit and in less than 15 minutes.

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Why Travel Tanz Mobile Spray Tanning?

  • It's convenient! We come to you!

  • We feature South Seas® Island Inspired Body Care, the official spray tan of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars!" The South Seas product line is Paraben Free; Cruelty-Free; Gluten Free and uses Organic DHA.

  • The South Seas® Spray Tan is applied by a trained professional in minutes.

  • Spray tanning is a safe alternative to the harmful effects of tanning beds and UV rays.

  • The South Seas spray tan is a lovely mahogany color and does not turn orange.



How do I prepare?

  • Any waxing should be done prior to your spray tan

  • Exfoliate first, try our Bora Bora Body Polish

  • It’s OK to wear moisturizing lotion the day of your spray tan

  • Wear a dark swimsuit or undergarment and flip-flops to your session

  • Wear dark, loose clothing as the cosmetic bronzer may rub off (it’s slight)

How long will it last?

  • Your spray tan will last over a week on your body.  Use Tahitian Tan Mist on your face, hands, and feet as they may fade faster.

  • Prolong your tan with Tahitian Tan Extender, especially with excessive water exposure.

How do I maintain my tan?

  • After you spray tan, avoid showering, swimming or perspiring for eight hours, or two hours with Fiji Express.

  • When you do shower, use Bikini Island Body Wash and be sure to apply Moorea Moisturizer to maintain your glow.

How does it work?

SouthSeas® uses organic DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA is the active ingredient in all self-tanners and was approved by the FDA for use on the body in 1977. 


There have been no reported side effects from DHA. However, if you have had an allergic reaction to any self-tanner, abstain from spray tanning.


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