Can you tan on top of a spray tan?

Spray tans are a terrific way to head out on your vacation or honeymoon with gorgeous color, so you don’t look like a ghost on your tropical getaway. That said, however, while spray tanning gives the appearance of a tan, it’s not a base tan, and you can quickly burn if you don’t use sun screen.

You can however, protect yourself with a good SPF 30 sunscreen and continue working on your real tan while you’re away.

If you plan to head out in the sun, we recommend using our South Seas SHADE SPF 30, which is a lightweight, breathable skin protectant developed to protect your sunless tan. Skin supporting Vitamins A, C & E blend with refreshing Aloe Vera leaving your skin with a silky, sheer finish.

To keep your tan looking good, we recommend using our Tahitian Tan Extender. With a 2% DHA

level, you can extend your spray tan or self-tanner up to two weeks. This lotion is an absolute MUST to keep your color looking it’s best during any vacation! Plus, it’s non-tinted, mango scent, paraben-free.


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