How COVID-19 is Impacting Brides

You probably know by now that coronavirus restrictions have been put in place across the U.S., and the tri-state area is under a stay-at-home order. The stay-at-home order makes postponing or canceling your wedding indisputable. The CDC and an ongoing barrage of news reports have clarified the reasons why these postponements are necessary.

Holding a wedding at this time will most likely be an economic and travel strain for your guests as well.

According to, dealing with vendors and moving your big day shouldn’t be too much of a strain as most in the wedding industry is understanding. Moving the date should not be an issue, and if it is, try to change venues. recommends not moving your date if your wedding was already planned after the next eight weeks. However, it couldn’t hurt to have a discussion with your vendors, photographer, and so on about what to do if restrictions aren’t lifted by that time.

This is a hard time for everyone, including future brides and grooms. If honeymoons are scheduled within the next few weeks, you should cancel or reschedule the trip. If a honeymoon is taking place after spring, recommends buying Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance since no one knows when travel restrictions will be lifted.

More importantly, if you know a couple that has to postpone their wedding, reach out to them with support. Their wedding and honeymoon will happen and due time and everyone will be healthier for it.

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