How long does a spray tan last?

The Travel Tanz spray tan will last seven to ten days or longer if you prep well and take care of your tan. A spray tan will fade similar to that of a natural sun tan when given proper before and after care.

Before you tan, we recommend you shower and shave 6-8 hours prior. If waxing, please allow 48 hours BEFORE your session.

After your spray tan do not shower, swim, and avoid heavy perspiration for at least 6-8 hours.

For the first shower following your tan, just do a warm rinse and wash personal areas with a mild or moisturizing soap. We advise you not use hot water or any type of exfoliate product that will fade your tan faster. So, be gentle and DO NOT scrub. After showering, blot dry with your towel, but air drying is preferred.

We recommend applying our South Seas Moorea Moisturizer liberally to hydrate your skin twice a day to prolong your tan. It’s a non-greasy moisturizer that provides the daily hydration your skin needs and is specially made for use after spray tanning. We love that it contains shea butter and essential oils to leave you with a silky-smooth sensation. Citrus scent, 100% natural, paraben-free.

It dries quickly, does not feel sticky and has no bad odor, leaving your skin smelling fresh and clean.

Remember, time spent in hot tubs or Jacuzzi’s, saunas or swimming pools with chlorine may shorten the duration of the tan, so we also recommend using our Tahitian Tan Extender to extend the life of your spray tan. With a 2% DHA level, you can extend your spray tan up to two weeks. This lotion is an absolute MUST to keep your color looking it’s best during any vacation! Plus, it’s non-tinted, mango scent, and paraben-free.

We also offer South Seas Tahitian Tanning Mist to touch up your face, hands, legs and feet. The non-sticky formula contains 9% DHA, dries quickly without streaking and gives you a beautiful, natural-looking glow. You’ll love the coconut scent!

And, if you need to add a little color to your face as your tan fades, we offer a wonderful bronzer. Used on hundreds of film & television sets, including "Dancing With The Stars" and "Modern Family," our Island Tan pressed powder bronzer has a sleek, matte finish. Great for matching a spray tan, contouring and highlighting. It’s a must-have in any makeup kit! It’s also 100% natural and paraben-free.


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