How to Date Your Mate

Whether you live with your partner or not, the coronavirus pandemic may be taking some of the spice out of your romance. That’s normal. Being trapped at home with your partner may have you feeling suffocated or annoyed (or both). So, we’ve got some tips to “date your mate!” and keep that lovin’ feeling!

Have a dinner date - Cook together. Make it fun. Put on music. Stay off your phones. Give your meals a quality effort. Plate them as they would be at a restaurant. Light a candle at the dinner table. This may not feel much different from a normal night together, but these small romantic touches and the extra effort go a long way into making the evening feel like a traditional date. If you’re up for it, watch a movie after.

Have a picnic - If you have the ability to eat on the terrace, in the backyard, or somewhere outdoors that’s private and permissible, enjoy a picnic. The fresh air will feel good, and it’s an easy way to connect with one another. Plus, you’re less distracted by the comforts of home. Pack your favorite drinks, meals you love, and perhaps some snacks. Think cheese, crackers, fruit, and meats.

Have a movie-theater night - Go all out! When you’re laying on the couch watching movies, it’s easy to feel sluggish and sleepy. Put some extra effort into movie night to make it feel special. If you can, pop some fresh popcorn with butter. Try out some fun seasonings for the popcorn. Pick up your favorite cherished candies. Otherwise, make snacks from your pantry. Pour your favorite drinks. Pick a movie you would both like to watch, and enjoy!

If you don’t live with your partner, try to do this on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or another video chatting app. If you put effort into eating dinner together over video chat and focus on each other, you could find yourself feeling more connected to your partner.

Top the night off with Netflix Party. Netflix Party will allow you to watch a movie or show with your partner (and even friends) at the same time. There’s even a comment bar on the side. This shared experience is an opportunity to keep up with your favorite shows and allows you to be more interactive.

Pro Tip: Feel your best during your dates by looking your best! Do your normal date night prep. You’ll look good and feel good. This will help get you in the mood and make you feel like it isn’t just another ordinary night at home.

Have fun!

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