How to have a Staycation to Remember

Here at Travel Tanz, we know not every year permits us to go on vacation, but that doesn’t make going on vacation any less imperative. We still demand some mental relaxation, a little “me” time, good food and drink, and fun enough to make us feel like we can’t remember our troubles.

When you can’t escape to the tropics or a romantic European city or the great mountains, you need to book yourself an all-inclusive Staycay.

What is a Staycation? It’s a vacation in which your house is the hotel and your hometown is the destination. Maybe that doesn’t sound very appealing, but a staycation can involve touring and adventuring in and around your hometown if you open your mind to try new things. Activities within a comfortable driving distance of your home are also offer great spots to enjoy a staycation.

Basically, a staycation is like an extra-long weekend. It is in your hands. You can relax and unwind, or you can takeoff and explore. Or do both! Your staycation can last one, two, three, or more days.

It’s important to understand, first, that to have a great staycation, you need to have a staycation mindset. If you want to make it truly enjoyable, give careful thought about who you choose to staycation with. Will it be your significant other, friends, family, or yourself? Make sure everyone is in on the plan. If you want to fully commit to the staycation, you may need to have forethought. Do you or anyone else need to request off work? Will any commitments, birthdays, holidays, or other events interfere? If you’re staycationing with people you don’t live with, will you all stay together in one house? However, there are no true rules to a staycation. These are merely thoughts.

After you’ve worked out the logistics (dates, lodging, possible companions), it’s time to determine what goals you want your staycation to meet. If you want it to be relaxing, consider doing things that make you feel relaxed. If you want to be out in the world, consider going places that make you feel good or exploring new ones. You can refer to our list below for inspiration.

Warming up to the staycation, you should determine how you want your home to feel. If you want it to feel like a hotel, decorate it like a hotel. If that’s not important to you, consider deep cleaning it before your “trip” so you don’t feel compelled to exchange anything on your itinerary for cleaning.

If you want to get in the vacation spirit, book an at-home spray tan with Travel Tanz. Your bronzed glow will give you all of the vacation vibes.

Now, what to do?

If you want to relax…

● Meditate. There are plenty of resources on YouTube.

● Practice yoga

● Read a book. Do it indoors in a blanket or outside in the sun.

● Take a nap. Turn on that beachy white noise if you please.

● Watch all of the movies and shows you’ve been meaning to

● Order in. While you’re at it, try a new restaurant.

● Take a bubble bath

● Do a deep-conditioning hair mask

● Do a face mask

● Do a little online shopping

● Play board games

● Sit by the fire (roast marshmallows)

● Unwind at the beach, lake, or pond

If you’re looking for some excitement…

● Go on a hike

● Take a yoga, Pilates, spin, kickboxing, or other class

● Visit a farm

● Take a stroll through town and feel free to pop into places that catch your eye

● Check out a local museum or art gallery

● Go to a farmer’s market

● Try a new restaurant

● See a movie

● Go rollerblading or ice skating

● Go to local flea markets, garage and yard sales

● Seek out local events such as plays, musicals, dances, concerts, galleries, fundraisers, etc.

● Volunteer

● Go horseback riding

● Seasonal sports/activities (tubing, swimming, pumpkin picking)

● Have a picnic

● Get your hair done

● Get your nails done

Ultimately, your staycation is what you make of it. As long as you enjoyed yourself, you had a successful staycation.


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