How to Make Super Bowl Sunday Girls Fun-Day

This upcoming Sunday, February 2 is Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re not part of the camp that is gearing up to veg out and watch the game, you’re probably wondering how you should spend your Sunday. You don’t need to kid yourself and watch the game if it ranks low on things that excite you.

Here at Travel Tanz, we’ve brainstormed a few ideas to make this year’s Super Bowl Sunday your Girls’ Fun-Day!

Idea #1: Host a clothing swap! If you and your gal pals are bored with your wardrobes but don’t want to splurge on new pieces, a clothing swap would be perfect for your crew! Ask each person to bring clothing (costume jewelry, handbags, etc.) they no longer want or fit into. Lay each piece out, and when everyone is ready, enjoy browsing! Whatever is left unclaimed, donate!

Idea #2: Host a spa day! While you’re most likely free to book at a spa, you could also organize an at-home spa day. The perks? Enjoy a glass of wine and snacks. While hosting at a house that doesn’t contain people screaming at the TV is ideal, you can still host in a far-away, peaceful room. All you need for your at-home spa day is a dress code of comfy clothes with robes and slippers, face masks, eye masks, lip scrubs, jade rollers, soothing lotions, an oil diffuser, meditative music, perhaps some incense, and anything else that suits your style! We think a spray tanning session is ideal! ;)

Idea #3: Hit the town! The options are endless. You and your friends can enjoy brunch and mimosas, go shopping, take a class (yoga, painting), go hatchet-throwing, go bowling, or catch a movie! Treat it like a normal day out, but one where everyone would rather stay away from home for a while!

Take your Girls’ Fun-Day and make the best of it whether you want to spend it at home or in town. You deserve some excitement no matter if you’re a football fan or not.


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