Is a Spray Tan Worth It?

As nice as it is to feel glowy and tan, especially when it's not the summertime, it's not worth the horrors of skin cancer. Spray tans are a great alternative for people who want to get some color but don't want to hit the tanning bed or lay in the sun and risk their health.

It’s fast and easy. You can schedule your time, walk in, and walk out with a tan in less than 30 minutes. Spray tans are great if you have a wedding, prom, want to go on vacation or have some other special event in your life. 

Tanning in a tanning bed or in the sun can damage your skin and cause skin cancer…a spray tan avoids that.

It’ll also make you look better. Ever wonder why bodybuilders (both women and men) always get spray tans before competitions? It's because it highlights lean muscle, tends to hide fat tissue and actually makes you look slimmer! 

Best yet, it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing out. You can look tan any time of year!

And, you determine how dark you want your tan to be…no leaving it to chance…choose the shade that looks best on you.

Travel Tanz offers organic formulas, notonly is it healthier, but it reduces your risk of a negative reaction to the ingredients. 

So, is a spray tan worth it…you bet!


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