Is it OK to Make Travel Plans?

Due to COVID-19, many of us have canceled summer travel plans due to the stay-at-home order. But what about fall and winter vacations? While we don’t know what the future holds, it’s rational to wonder if it’s too soon to book a vacation during the fall and winter months.

Realistically, no one wants to be abroad if the second wave of COVID-19 hits. But many of us looked forward to upcoming vacations abroad or feel obligated to travel for another reason. Of course, we can’t know what the right decision to make is because we can’t precisely predict the future.

Carol Bremner, the head of travel for Euromonitor International, told CNN last month that she expects to see an increase in domestic travel. Traveling domestically omits the risk of being stranded abroad, which presents a different set of logistical hurdles as opposed to being in another state.

If U.S. travelers decide and are able to travel domestically this fall season, they may find planning and potentially canceling plans less cumbersome depending on the intricacy of their plans. After all, it would be wonderful to see a national treasure you’ve never experienced before.

One idea for fall travelers, COVID-19 permitting, is a short road trip. There are no flights to hassle with. You could go as far as booking a few nights at a hotel and creating a trip surrounding the local gems. Luckily, countless towns across the U.S. turn romantic and gothic for the fall season.

So, we feel the best bet is to keep it local for now. If you do plan to travel abroad, read the fine print regarding refunds, etc., and consider travel insurance so you know your options when it comes to canceling.

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