NJ Residents: Meet Real ID

Attention New Jersey residents! You may want to look into obtaining a Real ID sometime between now and October 1, 2020. Why? You can’t use your license or a non-driver ID as a form of ID when flying domestically if you don’t upgrade it from standard to Real ID starting October 1, 2020.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the Real ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005. The Real ID meets the federal government’s new minimum-security standards for driver’s licenses and non-driver IDs. Real IDs offer increased security and are made with improved technology.

However, this is only a necessary action to take if you don’t have a passport or federally approved ID and intend to fly domestically, or intend to fly domestically and don’t want to bring your passport or federally approved ID (as in, you want to use your license or non-driver ID).

A Real ID is a form of identification (driver’s license or ID card) that is obtained by supplying a little bit more information than is required for a basic license or ID card.

When you go to the Motor Vehicle Commission to upgrade to a Real ID, be sure to have 2 proofs of residential address, 1 proof of your social security number, and 6 points of additional ID. As of now, you must make an appointment to upgrade.

Sign up to upgrade to Real ID at https://realidnj.com/. As of now, the Trenton and Eatontown sites are offering Real IDs and they are being tested at eight unnamed agencies. After you sign up online, you will be sent an email inquiring if you would like to join in the testing.

After upgrading, your Real ID will be identifiable with a gold star in the top right corner of your driver’s license or non-driver ID.

You will also need a Real ID to access federal facilities and nuclear power plants, although we prefer you get your tan from us ;)

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