Should you spray tan your face?

Absolutely, you can spray tan your face! However, it’s best to have it done by a spray tanning technician and not a booth if you want a nice, even spray.

If you’re doing it before a wedding or major event, we recommend trying it out a few weeks prior to the big day to make sure you like it. Then, we also suggest you spray a day or two before the big event so you can shower, and nothing rubs off on your clothing/dress.

Make sure you exfoliate before you go and don’t wear any foundation or eye-makeup (you can use a light moisturizer).

Also, don’t shower right before your session. Your pores are larger after a warm shower or bath, so the tanning solution can sit in your pores and creates dark spots. As your pores seal, the solution gets trapped and can leave you with visible tan marks. So, just be sure to shower at least four hours before your appointment.

Since the tan will last about two weeks, we usually suggest having a darker foundation/bronzer on hand for touch ups, especially if you want to be “camera-ready.”

Today’s formulas aren’t funky-looking before the wash-off. However, the color of your tan will probably appear darker than the finished result. Don't freak out! It’ll lighten up a bit after your first rinse off (you can shower after 6-8 hours). You may also see a bit of color collect in the crease of your neck, but don’t worry, it comes right off after your first rinse, and you’ll look terrific.

Also, our formulas have a lovely cucumber/melon scent, so they smell great.

To maintain your tan, start moisturizing daily. Just be sure to stay away from oil-based moisturizers, as they can strip away your tan and leave you looking blotchy.


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