The Best Leaf-Peeping Spots of Fall 2020: Maine

Fall has arrived, and with that comes the mesmerizing change of the leaves. From north to south, there are beautiful leaf-peeping destinations to experience on the East Coast.

First on our list is Maine, a champion of leaf-peeping. offers a schedule of the best spots to enjoy the foliage depending on the week.

Until October 6, the northernmost Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

part of Maine will provide some of the most breathtaking views. recommends visiting Aroostook State Park, Route 11, Eagle Lake Public Land, Fort Kent, Presque Isle, and more.

It’s not until late October that the southernmost parts of Maine’s autumn foliage will take effect. Leaf-peepers should look to areas like Portland, Kennebunkport, and York to soak in the scenery.


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