The Fate of #Prom2020

High school students across the country were preparing for this year’s prom season with anticipation and excitement. For most states, lockdown and the reality of COVID-19 did not set in until mid-to-late March. By then, many prom-goers, including those in New Jersey, already bought their prom dresses and were making arrangements for a glowing spray tan, a prom-ready hairstyle, and makeup.

Many high school seniors are now devastated by canceled proms, while some proms have been tentatively rescheduled.

If high schools find a way to hold proms this summer in a way that meets state guidelines and more, it’s likely prom-goers will be thrilled to feel glamorous, take photos that will be cherished for years to come, and have a fun prom experience to wrap up this unique school year. In the event that a large prom can’t be held, what can be done?

In our home state of New Jersey, outside gatherings are capped at 25 people. It’s likely this number will grow in the coming weeks as coronavirus rates fall and state guidelines ease. Is it possible for prom-goers to dress up with friends and dance in the backyard if proms aren’t rescheduled?

With music, snacks and beverages, and glam that can still be done by professionals, an at-home prom could be a remedy to a canceled prom. Students and families still get their photos, the night is spent with friends, and a sense of closure is achieved with a #MiniProm.

While many proms may be back on this summer, it doesn’t hurt to consider #MiniProm if need be. You can still book an organic spray tan with Travel Tanz, do hair and makeup, put on your best prom attire, and feel fabulous. We just hope that whatever you choose to do, you have fun and stay safe!


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