Three Packing Hacks for Every Traveler

Packing isn’t easy. You’re supposed to be prepared for the best (what you signed up for) and the worst (inclement weather, extreme heat, extreme cold), but your suitcase can only hold so much, and airlines are charging more if your bags are overweight. Use these packing hacks the next time you travel and see how much it improves your trip!

#1: Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are airtight. These bags compress contents until there is no air left, making for compact and efficient storage. Vacuum bags can be used for seasonal clothes and blankets, but they can also be used for travel. Be advised, vacuum bags will allow you to store more, but they will not save you from weight. As long as you’re mindful of your limitations, you will benefit from having extra space. Take extra clothing with you or bring more souvenirs home! Try Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags, which includes a free travel pump.

#2: Roll your clothes

While folding may feel natural, it takes up more space than rolling. Rolling your clothes will give you greater visibility of your clothes, too. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

#3: Pack a change of clothes (and major necessities) in your carry-on

Expect the unexpected. In the event that your luggage is lost or unavailable to you for whatever reason, pack an outfit and necessities (like a toothbrush or medications) in your carry-on. Nothing extreme, just enough to hold you over for a day.

Bonus Tip: Pack Tahitian Tan Extender to extend your spray tan and Tahitian Tan Mist to maintain your tan and quickly touch-up other areas. Both come in full and travel sizes.

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